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Two Long-Distance Cruisers Find the
Upside of Downsizing to a Trailerable Trawler

Jim and Lisa Favors
Jim and Lisa Favors have been avid boaters in the Great Lakes region for over 20 years. They spent the first year of retirement cruising the 6,000-mile Great Loop route on a 40′ trawler. One year turned into five years of cruising as liveaboards and another Loop trip under their belts. Their mission soon became a desire to share with others the joys of cruising the waterways in the USA and Canada. “We want to help people discover this rewarding lifestyle!”
“We’re excited to continue our boating adventures on a trailerable trawler, Kismet, a Ranger Tugs R27. Flexibility, mobility and affordability – trailerable boating is the wave of the future. We use our tug as an RV when traveling to a cruising destination, staying at RV campgrounds all over the country. With the flexibility of a trailerable trawler, one can travel all over the United States and Canada experiencing waterways unavailable to a bigger boat. Our initial concerns of downsizing were easily set to rest once we headed out on the water in our new and improved, Kismet” – Jim & Lisa Favors  Read More


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Anchorage at Fox Island, North Channel, Canada
Canada’s Beautiful North Channel
Boaterhoming on Kismet, Zion National Park

Boaterhoming – Using Kismet as an RV While Traveling to Cruising Destinations

Kismet Anchored, Pendrell Sound, Desolation Sound

Desolation Sound – Cruising the Canadian Wilderness on Kismet

Beach Anchoring Kismet on Lake Powell

Lake Powell – Canyon Cruising on Kismet in the “Otherworld” of Boating

Kismet Anchorage, Diamond Island, Tennessee River

River System – Cruising Down the Tennessee River on Kismet

Kismet Has Cruised Many Waterways.

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