View From The Top – Frazer Bay Hill

View From the Top – Frazer Bay Hill

Our second day, back at anchor in Marianne Cove, Jim talked me into hiking up Frazer Hill. He'd heard the view, overlooking the Bay, was spectacular and well worth the "climb" up. Well, it certainly was steep and very rocky, but we were rewarded with a view of Frazer Bay that was just plain stunning. We dinghied a short distance from the anchorage (you can see the sailboat masts peeking out of the cove - top-left) to start our hike up the hill. We followed these faded red ribbons up the hill, if it were not for them, we would…

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Just The Two Of Us In Cottonwood Canyon

Just the Two of Us in Cottonwood Canyon

Our anchorage in Cottonwood Canyon was my personal favorite. It was such a beautiful spot, we spent two nights there; I could have spent more. With so much to see, and not knowing what surprises lay ahead of us, we did eventually, but reluctantly, move on, but what a wonderful two days of solitude and peace we had in this spectacular canyon. I don't know exactly what grabbed at my heartstrings while tucked into this isolated, natural harbor, but I felt like we had been transported to another world. To climb high up the rocky shore and look down at…

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